The Place Where the Sidewalk Ends

I’ve been sick with a cold these last few days, which is really a shame in the beginning of summer. But really, I don’t mind. At least for now. By default, I’ve set up my relaxation station on the couch, the kind with the coffee table closer than usual, to hold my Murchie’s tea mug….

How Can I Get Past a Writer’s Block?

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try, you sit down at your laptop, and your fingers just don’t move. The words just aren’t coming to you. You try to think of what to write for hours. But your mind can still be accurately represented by a blank canvas. It happens to the…

Pride and Prejudice: Personality types

I love Jane Austen, her writing is timeless. Her tales from two centuries ago still resonate with readers today. Austen’s characters are what really propel me to keep reading her work. She peels masks off of them to reveal the truth of personalities. Austen knew how to make a character feel real. Strengths and weaknesses….

Tips for Aspiring Authors: Timelessness

Whether a story is told yesterday, today, or tomorrow, it should echo truths that he who reads it yesterday, today, or tomorrow will understand. A reader’s point of view on how to write timeless work.