My Story

One night I was sitting out on the porch reading with a friend who was visiting. We were both just sitting and reading our books. I was reading Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I stumbled upon a line that really jumped out at me. It reminded me of a memory from a while back and I started to tell my friend about it. I couldn’t really seem to find the words to describe what I wanted to tell. So I said “Why don’t I write it for you?”. For the next hour or so I proceeded to click away on the keyboard writing the story I wanted to share.

After I finished writing up the story, I passed the laptop to her and told her that I had fun writing that, that I might even want to write more like that. Maybe a blog, like my brother was doing. I stopped talking and she began to read. I watched as she smiled, her eyes would get wider and then squint and all of the sudden she finished and it was as if a light bulb turned on in her brain. She said “Do it! Write a blog!”. And for the next while we talked about all the bookshops we wanted to go to. I thought, “That was really something, inspiring someone with my writing. Maybe, I really could start a blog.”

So, here I am. Loving writing a blog. And here you are. Reading my blog.