My Mission

Once, I was waiting in between classes, sitting in one of those hard plastic chairs, knees to my chest, my nose deep in a book. Naturally, I didn’t hear the the parade of footsteps that announced the coming of people that were walking through the hall. A classmate was giving a school tour to new students. I only heard the commotion when he pronounced to everyone: “And this… is Rainey… our resident reader.”

So yeah, I like to read. And I love to write. Those two reasons are the basis for the installment of this blog.

I don’t like to think of myself as a blogger. I like to think of myself as a reader who craves to write about reading. I want to share my experiences and tips as a reader. I want other readers to have something, someone, to relate to. I haven’t read everything there is to read. Nowhere close. I’m still just beginning to dive into the world of literature. So keep reading and join me on the journey of discovering the wide world of books.