Summer Reading

Now that summer’s starting to get going, I felt like I needed something to get me in the summer groove, even if I can’t quite go to the beach everyday with my friends right now. If you’re feeling the same way, a summer reading challenge might be just what you need. Here’s how to do it.

Check out your local public library or school. Your library probably has some sort of challenge set up for the summer. So look on their website to see if they’ve got any options. I’m following my local library’s challenge that is set up on Beanstack. It’s set up with two different kinds of challenges and you get these fancy online badges when you reach different milestones. And when you’ve read 500 minutes you get entered into a drawing to win free books! To see if your library or school is set up with Beanstack, click here.

Challenge your friends. Decide on a certain amount of books or minutes you want to read. Encourage your friends to do it with you. You could even set up video conference book club meetings to talk about your reading. If you want to get competitive, see who can read the most books or minutes by the end of summer. Then give the winner a prize!

Make a book-list. Think of those books that you always said you would read, you know the ones, but never have. Put those on a list and try to read them all by the end of summer. I got a list of seven books that I have to read. That way I can try to finish them all and still have some leeway to pick up a random book off the shelf. Pick a reasonable number and stick with it.

Set a reading time. It’s so easy to just say, I’ll read later today, and then never do it. Choose a time during the day that you are going to read. I read every day at lunch at least one chapter of my book. That way I read every day, and don’t procrastinate. Because once I start reading, I love it. You will too. So choose a time and stick with it.

Lay back on your lawn chair, toss off your flip-flops, bask in the sun and have an awesome time summer reading!

Let me know…

  • What summer reading challenge are you following?
  • What tips do you have for summer reading?

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  1. jeremyjames says:

    No challenges here – always books on the go though@!


    1. That’s what’s important, right?


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