16 Photos that Scream the “POWER OF READING”

Years ago I found this photo of a boy sitting amongst piles of books and rubbage, the aftermath of a 1940 bombing. In his hands he holds one of those books. In the midst of destruction and horror, he finds a little shelter, a home built of words.

I stumbled upon this photo again and it sparked an idea. I went searching for photos that showed the power of reading. And oh, was it rewarding. To know what reading can do. To see what reading has done. It’s beautiful.

So, here I present you with my favorite 15 photos that prove the power of written words. (Other than the featured one, of course).

I love this. This one’s my favorite. An uncomfortable position? Yes. A captivating read? Yes. Age doesn’t change the lengths we will go for a good book.

This is a young girl who works at a silk factory on break. A powerful reminder that the written world can be a much needed escape.
A little boy reading the newspaper in the middle of grown-ups going about life. He knows what’s up.

Where I found this picture, someone had commented “Must be a good book.”
Poverty is no match for the richness of words.
Lost on a subway. Lost in a book. Finding joy.
“Comic Readers”, it’s called. Friends who are happy just reading together, are friends forever.
The kind of happiness that can only come from reading.
Who doesn’t love over-the-shoulder reading? Everyone, apparently. I always do it, and everyone hates it. But, it’s a way to get a little bite of knowledge wherever you go.
Intense reading can only be achieved with a closer look.
I wonder if over-the-shoulder reading is less of a pet peeve for children.
Reading is a joy that can always be found, no matter the year, the day, or the hour.
What a cool invention! Both of these women understand the power of reading and are willing to work for it.
I’m not sure why I like this picture so much. Maybe it’s because I know what it is to rush out of class, pull that book out from among all those textbooks and read away.
Reading unites generations, a time capsule that exists through the centuries. And they’re reading Tin-Tin. What could be better?

P.S. If you can, check out Andre Kertesz’s book of photographs “On Reading”. I’m not sure where you can find it, maybe at your local public library, if you’re lucky. Or at least look at the photos from the book, that are online. His work is really something.

Let me know..

  • Which one out of these 16 do you love most?
  • What other photos have you found that show you the power of reading?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. jeremyjames says:

    The silk factory is a great picture…perhaps a little sad. Enjoyed these pics.


  2. Anja Huber says:

    I love these pictures. They really show how important it is to connect with literature no matter how old you are, what you do for a living, etc. Great idea to compile these together!


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